Hunting at Lily Pond Creek

Northampton County is always at the top of the list when it comes to great Whitetail deer hunting in North Carolina. Northampton boasts the most bucks and total deer per square mile as well as the top producer of the number of bucks taken and the number of deer harvested per square mile in the entire state. We also enjoy the most liberal bag limit on deer as well as a long season. All of our hunting is done from above-ground stands that are easy to get into, very safe, and comfortable to use. The terrain that we hunt ranges from crop fields of peanuts, soybeans, clover, and milo to hardwood ridges, pine thickets, swamp bottoms, and cutover. We lease thousands of acres of privately owned farms every year and are constantly scouting these to do everything we can to make your outdoor experience the most enjoyable that we can offer.

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