Lily Pond Creek Hunting Lodge

Whitetail Deer, Trophy Black Bear, Eastern Turkey & Striped Bass Fishing

30,000 acres of owned and leased land within the fertile Roanoke River agricultural region.
This is hunting at its best, Southern Style.

Located in Northampton County, North Carolina

Lily Pond Creek Hunting Lodge is located in Northampton County, North Carolina. Northampton County is one of the top deer and turkey-producing counties in NC and is tops for the number of bucks per square mile.

Lily Pond Creek Hunting Lodge has been in operation since 1994. Since that date, we have hosted countless hunters, many of which still hunt with us today. When you first walk through the lodge doors you are a client, but by the time you leave, you are our friends. We pride ourselves on the fact that our hunters feel at home here, and they say we are like family.  

The properties here at Lily Pond and Verona are managed exclusively to provide the best opportunity for you to harvest trophy animals. The terrain is a mixture of agricultural fields producing soybeans, peanuts, cotton, and corn with many acres of mixed hardwoods, planted pine, and swamp lands, a perfect blend of food and covers to grow an incredible amount of animals. It’s not unusual to see as many as 20 deer and turkeys in one field as you wait for that trophy buck to step into view.

We offer a variety of hunt packages for whitetail deer and the majority of our lands are non-restrictive zones. This means those hunters that don’t want to count points or antler width can simply relax and hunt. However, if a trophy is what you're after then our Verona Plantation QDMA farm is for you. Turkey hunting at Lily Pond Creek is as good as it gets anywhere in the country. We have turkeys and lots of them. Our success ratio for our turkey hunts approaches 100% each spring. Mix that in with an afternoon float down the Roanoke River for as many striped bass as you catch and you just had an incredible day afield. We have 3 lodges to stay at and each offers a unique hunt package. Our lodge at the original family plantation is a central gathering place for all hunters to relax and swap stories about the day's hunt.

Whether you are a beginner to the sport or a seasoned pro or just want to start a new activity with your kids and have been looking for a place, well you found us. Come join us and start your own tradition at Lily Pond Creek Hunting Lodge.

Hunting & Fishing

Northampton County is always at the top of the list when it comes to great Whitetail deer hunting in North Carolina. Northampton boasts the most bucks and total deer per square mile as well as the top producer of the number of bucks taken and the number of deer harvested per square mile in the entire state. We also enjoy the most liberal bag limit on deer as well as a long season. All of our hunting is done from above-ground stands that are easy to get into, very safe, and comfortable to use. The terrain that we hunt ranges from crop fields of peanuts, soybeans, clover, and milo to hardwood ridges, pine thickets, swamp bottoms, and cutover. We lease thousands of acres of privately owned farms every year and are constantly scouting these to do everything we can to make your outdoor experience the most enjoyable that we can offer.

Northampton County is always at the top of the list when it comes to great Whitetail deer hunting in North Carolina. Lily Pond Creek is a popular deer hunting destination.


Turkey Hunting

BEAR HUNTING (Temporarily Unavailable)
Our bear hunts are baited stand-hunts only. A guide will take you to and from a safe and comfortable stand that is within 50 yards of a bait pile.


Turkey Hunting

AHHH, the old gobbler. In my opinion, there is nothing more exciting than hearing him thunder out, responding to the calls of the wishful hunter.


We have lodging options for every hunting occasion. Click to learn more about our lodges and to book the perfect one for your next trip.


Roanoke is known as the rockfish capital of the world. Rockfish is another name for striped bass…


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Lily Pond Creek Hunting Lodge has been in Dock’s family for over 100 years. It is a farmhouse that has been modernized and has all the comforts of home and more.

You will find the lodge very clean and comfortable with five bedrooms and 3 baths. For those of you that enjoy sports and hunting shows, we have satellite T.V., and in the yard, we have a shooting range plus a clay target thrower.

Dock Boone
P.O. Box 535
Jackson, NC. 27845