Lily Pond Creek

Lily Pond Creek Lodge is our flagship location. It’s been in Dock’s family for generations, this is where it all began. This converted plantation house has undergone renovations and is very comfortable and is the central gathering place for our meals and has our walk in game cooler and processing station on site. This lodge accommodates 10-12 hunters and is available for 3,5 & 6 day hunts. All linens and towels are provided and like the other lodges there is a washer and dryer on premise. You won’t miss your favorite football team with our satellite TV.

All deer hunters staying at Lily Pond Creek enjoy our unrestricted hunts. Other than Button Bucks, does and small antlered bucks are legal to harvest. Depending on your hunt package you will have the opportunity to harvest up to 3-4 deer during your stay. So bring a big cooler for transporting that tasty venison home. We hunt various local farms and we also hunt right behind the lodge. With thousands of acres to choose from and no need to count points this lodge is perfect for the hunter who simply wants to hunt and enjoy the time in the stand.

Most of our Turkey hunters also stay at Lily Pond Creek lodge. We have a skeet thrower and a rifle target range for your use.

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Lodge at Lily Pond

Unrestricted deer hunting, turkey hunting, upland game bird hunting and fishing are available at Lily Pond Creek. Request a reservation today.

Verona Plantation/Thornbury Plantation

Verona Plantation is listed on the National Historic Register. The home of Matt W. Ransom United States Senator and Confederate General. Verona Plantation sits on over 6000 contiguous acres and is one of QDM properties. This property and a few surrounding plots are still farmed to this day by Matt’s Great Grandson.

Hunts at Verona plantation include antler restrictions for all bucks and does can also be harvested depending on the QDM goals for Buck to Doe ratios each season.

While the original plantation house is no longer livable, we recently leased the land and buildings of Thornbury plantation. This acquisition brings a total of 15,000 acres under management by the team at Lily Pond Creek. The lodge is located within a 20m drive from the main lodge at Lily Pond Creek. This clean and comfortable lodge offers all the amenities you’ll need for a relaxing stay while hunting trophy Whitetails and Turkeys. We sleep up to 12 hunters and offer meals, clean bedding, linens and satellite TV.

The property at Thornbury is also one of our QDM properties. Your guide will explain the restrictions so there’s no confusion when that wall hanger steps into view. Hunt packages vary by the amount of days you book and we offer 3,5 & 6 day hunts.

Thornbury Plantation is also home to our Upland Bird hunts. With thousands of acres of mixed terrain it’s the perfect location for hunting over a dog as well as our popular tower shoots.

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QDM rules apply. Great for skilled hunters. Request a reservation today.

Carolina Ranch

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Trophy Bear Hunts in Hyde County, North Carolina

Bridgers Creek

Bridgers Creek Lodge is located furthest away from the main lodge at Lily Pond Creek. At Bridgers Creek you’ll have exclusive access to hunt the farm located on the property. We provide all the necessary items for a comfortable stay other than the meals. At Bridgers Creek our hunters cook their own meals and that creates a traditional “Deer Camp” feel to the hunt. This lodge accommodates up to 6 hunters. Bag limits again are determined by the hunt package that you select.

We provide a full time guide to set you out each morning and evening and he will take care of your deer and make sure it is transported to our main cooler and skinning area at Lily Pond Creek.

Bridgers Creek is a unique location with excellent hunting opportunities and a Deer camp feel.

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Unrestricted deer hunting, turkey hunting, upland game bird hunting and fishing are available at Lily Pond Creek. Request a reservation today.